Alloy Wheel Finance

Alloy wheels are a style statement for your vehicle. They look great and offer superior handling of your car too. Whilst alloy wheels used to be the exclusive domain of high performance or top end cars, they are becoming more and more common across the board as people recognise and desire their superior look and performance.

Wheel Power recognise the demand for top notch alloys and are able to bring a superb range of the best manufacturers and designs to their customers. Finishes include satin, gloss or polished and alloys are available in a variety of attractive colours. Wheel Power also realise that alloy wheels are a big investment and so are offering their customers the opportunity to spread the cost of their purchase at a low rate to make the wheels more affordable. This means you don't need to wait to get your hands on a set even when finances are tight.

The Benefits of Alloy Wheels

Here are just a few great reasons why alloy wheels could benefit your vehicle.

  • Alloys are made of aluminium which is stronger and lighter than steel. Handling and steering precision is improved due to this lighter weight.

  • The lighter weight material enables your car to accelerate and handle better.

  • Fuel efficiency is improved.

  • Alloys are stylised and polished and enhance the look of your vehicle.

  • Alloy wheels dissipate heat quicker than steel and so offer better braking performance and reduce the risk of brake failure.

  • You never need to worry about losing hubcaps again.

Once your shiny new alloys have been fitted it's important to learn how to care for alloy wheels. They need regular cleaning due to grime from the roads and brake dust. The best way to do this is to use a wheel brush to clean the spokes and use cotton swabs for hard to reach areas. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and wax or polish depending on what your particular alloy requires.

Regular tracking checks are also helpful to ensure you have correct wheel alignment. Even small misalignments can result in tyres being worn down, reduced fuel economy, poor handling and sometimes even unsafe driving. Wheel Power are also happy to help you out with your alignment needs.

If all this convinces you that your car would be enhanced by fitting some stylish alloy wheels then why not give Wheel Power a call on 0208 699 9591 to discuss our vast range of manufacturers and designs. We will also be happy to take you through our finance packages if you would prefer to spread the cost – allowing you to have smart alloy wheels for your vehicle, that you can easily afford.