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Falken is one of the most successful and largest tyre manufacturers in the world, designed and manufactured using the latest Japanese Technology. They also are the original equipment supplier for a number of Japanese manufacturers including Suzuki, Subaru and Nissan.

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The birth of the brand spawned initially from international motor racing, where Falken tyre’s quality was honed to offer optimum performance and maximum grip to ensure that vehicles not only win races but also stay on the track.

They have transferred their work from the racetrack to the road offering high quality, long lasting, mid-range durable tyres for cars, 4x4 and commercial vehicles.

Catering for most makes and models of cars, at Wheel Power Alignment we stock a wide range of the best Falken Tyres in London; low noise and enhanced rolling resistance tyres supplied and fitted.

Falken All Season Tyres

Including tyres from the Sincera and Azenis range of Falkens tyres for sale. All season tyres have a unique compound and tread pattern meaning that they provide better grip than summer tyres in wintery conditions. Equally, they offer tremendous grip in both dry and wet, warmer conditions.

Using Falken tyres in the UK is ideal as we characteristically have less severe weather conditions. The Falken, all season tyres range, will not let you down.

Why not save yourself the hassle of changing between summer and winter tyres and give Falken tyres a review yourself.

Falken Summer Tyres

A summer tyre is an excellent fit for your vehicle when looking for maximum performance and efficiency in warmer conditions. Be it in the dry or wet.

Falken tyres provide a truly superior grip thanks to their history in motorsport. Transferring this technology and design to road legal tyres means we can honestly say that we offer cheap Falken tyres that even the most demanding driver will be proud of.

Falken Winter Tyres

With ranges even designed to cope with thick snow and Nordic weather conditions. Falken winter tyres genuinely raise the bar in what you get from a cold weather tyre.

All sizes come marked with the M+S Symbol and the snowflake symbol (3-Peak Mountain Snow Flake). Proving that Falken do not slip when it comes to cold weather conditions.

Falkens Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are available within most of the ranges Falken offer. Falkens run flat NEO-101 dramatically improves your driving safety by ensuring that your vehicle will not lose control, even after a blowout.

Wheel Power Alignment is London’s premier dealer of Falken Tyres. We provide real rubber muscle for cars from your runaround to your premium sports or executive vehicle. Falkens tyres prices range to meet any budget and are both supplied and professionally fitted by us. Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything that has been mentioned on our site.

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