Maintenance Tips for your Tyres

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Car tyre maintenance tips

If you make sure your tyres are in good working order, you will not only ensure the safety of your vehicle and its passengers, but you'll help to increase the life of your tyres, reduce your petrol consumption and improve your vehicle handling. There are a number of checks you can carry out yourself alongside regular wheel alignment checkups from a trusted mechanic. Together with keeping an eye on tyre wear and pressure, regular wheel alignment tests and pre-alignment checks will ensure your steering and suspension components are working and protect the lifespan of your tyres.

How to check tyre wear

The minimum tread depth required by law is 1.6mm right across the circumference of the tyre (for a car, light van or light trailer) but it is a good idea to change your tyres once they get down to 3mm to make sure your vehicle remains safe and legal. If you notice uneven wear, you might also want to check your wheel alignment (most often this is visible on the front tyres and on the inside or outer edge). Modern tyres have a tread wear indicator and when this is exposed a new tyre must be fitted. You can also use tread measuring tools. According to the law, no tyre must have a break in its fabric or a cut deep enough to reach the body cords, and you shouldn't be able to see the steel belt. Also, no cut must be more than 25mm or 10 percent of the tyre's section width in length, whichever is greater.

Tyre balancing and wheel alignment

If your tyre is unbalanced you may feel vibrations while you are driving the vehicle. This will also cause uneven wear to the tyres, and put more pressure on one area.

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How long should car tyres last?

Tyres should last, on average, between three and four years. Even if you don't drive that much, other factors could mean your tyres need replacing more often. Front tyres need replacing more quickly than rear tyres, and the quality of your tyres and the conditions you drive them in will also affect how long they last.

Right tyre pressure /how to check tyre size

Tyre pressure should be checked monthly and should be kept at the level recommended by your manufacturer. It is best to check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold and before a long journey. Keeping pressure at the right level will keep you safe, reduce fuel consumption and may prolong the life of your tyres.

Along with the manufacturer's name and the model of the tyre, there's there's always a set of numbers and letters that relate to the size of the tyre. You can find this written on the sidewall of your current set of tyres and in your vehicle handbook. Tyres should be suited to the purpose that the vehicle is being used for.

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How can Wheel Power help?

Based close to the South Circular in Lewisham, Wheel Power's four-wheel alignment services are easy to reach, reliable and extremely competitive, with prices starting at £34. We use digital imaging with precision cameras to measure the positioning and orientation of the wheels.

Before your beginning the process, our mechanic will look at your vehicle to ensure that all the steering and suspension components are working according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and any modifications to your vehicle. This check will include everything from tyre pressure to internal parts.

This process won't take very long – for an ordinary sedan, it would probably around half an hour, and we have a comfortable waiting area. An alignment check is free when you purchase two or more tyres with us. We are open from Monday to Saturday and look forward to your visit. Finance options available for products over £350. Wheel Power also stock the Tyresure tyre pressure monitoring system.

We are wheel specialists all types of vehicle – including prestige models – and can supply you with new tyres brands and wheel alloys from leading manufacturers.

For expert car tyre maintenance, book your wheel alignment with Wheel Power today.