Why is it important to maintain correct tyre pressure?

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining the right tyre pressure. When the right level of pressure is in place, we can cut down our visits to the petrol station, make a better contribution to the environment and reduce the chances of accidents. It’s essential to remember that our tyres are the only things keeping our vehicles gripped to the surface of the road.

The dangers of incorrect tyre pressure

Some studies have found that almost half of motorists could be driving with under-inflated tyres. Research has also suggested that those using under-inflated tyres could be increasing their fuel consumption by almost 8%. The main reason for this is that tyres in this condition require more fuel to turn. All sorts of activities you carry out whilst you drive are more difficult when your tyres are not inflated properly. These include cornering, acceleration, gripping, braking and general handling of the vehicle. When your tyres are not inflated properly, their lives can be reduced dramatically and they can wear away much quicker.

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Regularly checks required

It’s advisable to check your tyres on a monthly basis at least, though assessing them on a daily basis is ideal. You should always check them in advance of a long trip. If you don’t know what the right level of tyre pressure for your vehicle is, you can normally find it in the manual that came with your car or on the driver’s door plate. Make sure you look at all your tyres when carrying out your checks.

Checking your tyres

Tyres normally lose around 3-6% in pressure each month, which equates to 1-2 psi. When you are checking tyres, you also need to assess their general condition and tread depth to see if you have other issues. If you have a modern vehicle, it may come with an in-built tyre pressure monitoring system. These systems tell you when pressure drops beneath a specific level. If your vehicle doesn’t have this feature, you can use a tyre pressure gauge.

Temperature changes

Changes in temperature can cause tyre pressure to change dramatically, with big drops often being seen in the winter months. Pressure can actually rise during the summer. Overinflated tyres can also be dangerous and more prone to damage from road hazards such as loose chippings and potholes. Many drivers opt to use different tyres in the summer and invest in special tyres for the winter. By using different tyres during certain times of year, you can substantially increase the longevity of your tyres.

Why Wheel Power Alignment?

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