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How much For Wheel Alignment

Imbalance between tyres is inevitable, even with a vehicle straight out of assembly. Most of time, minor imbalances will have little effect on your vehicle and handling, but over time, problems will arise. The longer your tyres spend on the road, the more wear and tear they’ll receive. These minor changes invariably stack up, and can lead to significant problems when it comes to safely handling your vehicle out on the road. At Wheel Power, we offer a first-rate range of wheel alignment solutions at highly competitive prices, providing quality service and industry-leading expertise to every motorist.

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Fantastic Rates on 4-Wheel Alignment

Most of the time, when a motorist takes their vehicle in for a wheel alignment service, a garage will only realign the front wheels. While this is often a more affordable option and can rectify problems in the short term, it doesn’t solve the problem outright. If you’re serious about nipping problems in the bud before they arise, four wheel alignment is definitely worth considering. At Wheel Power, we offer quick consultations and efficient alignment service, working on all four wheels at once. With rates starting from as little as £34, Wheel Power offer a range of solutions designed to accommodate every budget. What’s more, we offer fantastic savings and discounts to customers looking to slash even more off their bill. Don’t forget to download our exclusive online discount code for savings of 5% on our alignment services. Planning on getting a substantial amount of work done? At Wheel Power, we offer low rate finance on products and services costing over £350.

Expert Consultation and Alignment Checks

At Wheel Power, we use state of the art Hunter equipment to ensure every wheel alignment check and service is carried out to the highest specification. Our systems provide superior insight into any alignment problems, utilising quality digital imaging techniques to deliver incredibly accurate and reliable alignment measurements. Our package include full measurement of all four wheels, followed by the adjustment of the front individual toe, straightening out the steering wheel. We’ll then commence a full and comprehensive diagnosis, providing a detailed printout to identify further problems and guide the alignment process. Once the job’s done, we’ll provide a second printout to highlight the improvements made.

Long-term Savings and Benefits of Wheel Alignment

A complete 4-wheel alignment service not only provides you with a better handling and peace of mind when you’re out on the road, it also helps stave off further costs down the line. Misalignment is a leading cause of tyre wear, so getting your wheels aligned correctly is crucial if you want to see your tyres last as long as they should. Proper alignment can dramatically increase the life of your tyres, eliminating the unnecessary cost of replacing them before their time. What’s more, when you opt for total alignment of all four wheels, rolling resistance is minimised, improving your fuel mileage. Total alignment also provides drivers with huge improvements to handling, while a thorough pre alignment inspection will catch any other signs of wear and tear, helping identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently before they require a more costly remedy.

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