When to Get Wheel Alignment

As a driver, it's important to know when to get your wheel alignment checked. If you have noticed that your car, van or other vehicle is pulling to the left or the right, when travelling on a straight road in low winds, or you've spotted abnormal wearing to your tyres, then you may need to get your wheel alignment checked.

A minor wheel misalignment can cause problems, and misalignment can occur due to normal wear and tear on a vehicle. Get your alignment checked as soon as you suspect there is a problem, and this will ensure that you get the most out of your car tyres. Correct alignment means tyres will wear evenly and should last you longer. Incorrect alignment can result in rapid tyre wear, especially to tyre edges.

Getting wheel alignment checked is a simple process and if any misalignment is discovered, our highly trained staff will make slight adjustments to your front or rear suspension components to get them realigned.

There are certain points when it is a good idea to get your vehicles alignment checked. If you hit a kerb, large pothole or other hazard or obstacle, then you should check the alignment. If you have any steering or handling challenges, or the vehicle is pulling to the left or the right, then it's time to get things checked out. If you buy a new set of tyres and want them to last as long as possible, then this is also a good time to get your alignment checked.

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Other signs of misalignment include:

  • Tyres wearing abnormally
  • Your steering wheel stays at an angle when driving on a straight road
  • Your steering wheel doesn't return to the centre easily after a turn

How often should you check alignment?

This depends on the amount of driving you do and the road conditions, as if you haven't hit any kerbs or bumps, you may be able to go a long time without needing to check the alignment. Most vehicles will have some misalignment after one or two years of standard driving conditions, so a regular check is a good idea.

What is the cost of alignment checking?

It's best to see alignment checks as an investment in your motoring, as having the correct wheel or suspension alignment can increase the life of your tyres and insure you do not have to replace your tyres more often. Learn more about the cost of the wheel alignment here.

The basics of checking alignment

Drivers may get confused between wheel alignment and wheel balancing, although these are completely different. Wheel alignment, or tracking, involves adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they meet manufacturer specifications. Wheel balancing ensures the wheels can spin without causing unnecessary vibration, thereby increasing driver and passenger comfort.

Wheel alignment is a very straightforward check and it does not take long to assess and put right your wheel alignment.

On the other hand, leaving a small misalignment can cause real problems. We recommend ensuring your wheel alignment is correct in order to:

  • Save money on tyres
  • Optimise vehicle handling
  • Achieve a smoother driving experience