Welcome to Wheel Power. We can provide thorough and reliable wheel alignment/tracking services for highly competitive prices. Based in Lewisham, Wheel Power is conveniently located for all types of alloy wheel and tyre fitting services for customers in South and East London

The best place to get a wheel alignment

Wheel alignment, or wheel and suspension tracking, is the process of assessing and then adjusting the angles of your vehicle's wheels. Wheels can be put out of alignment by any minor bumps, potholes, uneven road surfaces and by changing tyres. It is worth checking alignment after driving for one year in normal conditions, even if you don't notice anything dramatic.

While there are manual checks you can make, it is advisable to rely on the services of an expert in wheel alignment, with appropriate technology, to ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition. This will give you peace of mind and ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. The best professional wheel alignment services will be based on your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines and have a proven track record of reliability. For your convenience, you'll probably also want to find somewhere quick and cost-effective, and close to where you live or work.

Based close to the South Circular in Lewisham, Wheel Power's four-wheel alignment services are accessible, trusted and extremely competitive, with prices starting at £34. Our Hunter TD Elite system is unrivalled for its precision and speed in providing reports and can be used on any vehicle. TD Elite with Codelink provides high-quality digital imaging by using precision cameras that measure the positioning and orientation of the mounted reflection targets on all wheels. Using this information, the computer can accurately calculate the current alignment measurements.

We have been in the business for over eight years and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. You can rely on us to offer the same services as big manufacturers, but we don't charge manufacturers' fees. We are wheel specialists all types of vehicle – including prestige models – and can supply you with new tyres brands and wheel alloys from the leading manufacturers.

Where to get a wheel alignment done in South London

Before your beginning the process, our mechanics will look at your vehicle to ensure that all the steering and suspension components are working according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and any modifications to your vehicle. This is called the 'pre-alignment check', and it will make sure that a wheel alignment is possible for your vehicle. While this is happening, we have a comfortable area for you to wait in.

Providing the parts are functional, your wheel alignment measurements can be taken. After this, the mechanic will describe any problems to you and make sure you are fully informed about any necessary adjustments to the wheel positioning and angle, and advise you on any changes needed for your steering and suspension systems. Finally, after making the alignment, you will receive a report on your vehicle's new, corrected alignment.

This process won't take very long. At Wheel Power, and for an ordinary sedan, it would probably around half an hour. An alignment check is free when you purchase two or more tyres with us. We are open from Monday to Saturday. Finance options available for products over £350.

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