We have a massive range of tyres to suit all motoring requirements whether you're after cheap tyres for your runaround or premium for your sports or executive car. Wheel Power offer a range of leading makes, along with an extensive price range to please everyone.

We have a large stock of tyres available, from budget to branded such as Falken, Pirelli, Michelin and Dunlop. All designed to suit your requirements, we also stock specialty such as winter tyres.

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Car Tyres

Choosing the right type

Car tyres are a very important part of the vehicle as they are the only point of contact with the road surface, their condition can effect the way in which your vehicle handles. You must regularly check the condition of your car tyres, you could be endangering yourself and passengers if they are badly worn. This is due to worn tyres having reduced braking ability and steering control.

Winter Tyres

These are specially designed and produced in a way that allows them to operate well in low temperatures. They usually have a more 'aggressive' tread pattern, to cope with driving through snow and ice.

Tyre Care

If you find that you go through more than the average amount of tyres then you may require wheel alignment or tracking. Check the condition, if they are wearing more on one side than the other or the wear seems uneven then this is a major sign of misaligned wheels. To find out more on caring for and maintaining your car tyres you can read more information here.

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